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What is a world tour?

My world tour with my partner approaching fast (we leave at the beginning of August), I begin to think about it more and more after the fallout following the big decision.

I realized that there are many ways to see a world tour. And of course, there is only one “valid” in my opinion.

What it is not

It is not a race, a collection of countries on a list. It might make you laugh, but some people see it like that. In his book “The man who wanted to see all the countries of the world” André Brugiroux, a famous globetrotter describes the meeting of a young woman who was proud to announce the number of countries she had “made”.Already, I don’t like to say that we “make” a country. Finally,, I still commonly use this expression, but I find it totally inappropriate in reality and try to get away from this bad language habit. Because this idea of ​​”making” a country precisely joins the idea of ​​a list with things to cross off. The goal is to do as much as possible. Ridiculous. We forget the flavor, we forget why we are there, always chasing the next destination, without even having had the time to open our eyes to where we were at the moment.

This is not an Instagram photo contest. You know those kinds of photos that make followers of a famous traveler on Instagram jealous. What you don’t know is behind the scenes. The hours spent choosing the ideal place, how to frame the photo, the filter to use, the protagonist’s outfit, the pose of the protagonist, etc. etc. It doesn’t seem like that, but it’s a job, and it’s far from being as relaxed as the photo would suggest. And this once again, at the expense of the present moment, at the expense of the real discovery of a country, a culture and many other things. I’m not saying that taking pictures is prohibited or stupid, far from it. But being eaten by his dependence on social networks when we are lucky to be able to really experience something extraordinary saddens me the most. The situation differs slightly if it is in the professional context (bloggers like me and others who live on their trip), in the sense that it is their livelihood and not a vulgar addiction. But the encroachment of social networks on the immersion, discovery, and experience of the trip also takes place, some nomads also readily admit the harm that this can cause them.

It is not a sabbatical year and after all, it stops. I even wrote the article “ Travel as a lifestyle, a dream? To illustrate my nonconformism on this subject. Around the world is the start of a new life, not just a parenthesis before finding “real life”. Indeed, who decided for me what real life is? It is all the same incredible that to let oneself be dictated what is true or not, each one has enough critical spirit to be able to judge for oneself. Just because traveling constantly remains infrequent in our society does not mean that it is in the realm of the extraordinary or the supernatural. Of course, not everything is doable, but from there to say no before even trying.

What it really is

A world tour, whether understood by the fact of traversing the circumference of the earth or by the fact of traversing all the countries, it is first and foremost a human experience. I have read on some blogs or Facebook pages of nomads that going around the world is about taking a tour of yourself. And I couldn’t agree more with that. It is therefore not so much a meeting of others or other cultures as of yourself (I evoke the meeting of the other and other cultures in my article Why will I go around the world? )

In any case, this is what I will look for during the trip. Discover my limits, my reactions to problems and situations as unexpected as each other, open my mind to things that I would never have imagined in my daily comfort. In this regard, in general, the physical journey, the act of moving is, therefore, a journey in itself. Learn to discover yourself, learn who you are to improve.

It is, therefore, a question of discovering oneself in order to finally really be oneself. Because how many of us, myself included, play roles too often? Fear of hurting the other, fear of being rejected, etc. It is these often unconscious fears, highlighted by a society that makes us want to get into the mold, be part of a group, follow the trend, etc. In human life, it is often: growing up, rebelling, studying properly, “settling down”, finding a stable job, meeting someone, becoming an owner, having a child … waiting, dying. The problem is there: “settle down”. Not that we should remain eternal children or adolescents. But we should not give up on our dreams, we should follow our infantile intuitions. Because for me, a child, given that he is not yet formatted by society is much more spontaneous, he knows how to be himself, without a veil, without pretense or overrated attitude, he knows what he wants deep inside him. Becoming an adult, in the end, means knowing how to adapt your desires to the “reality” of society. But it is unfortunately often synonymous with sacrifice in reality irrational and preventing a person from being happy. Of course, you have to be aware of society and its rules. But that does not mean sacrificing your real desires drawn from the bottom of yourself for that or hiding your personality.

Society leads us to enter boxes that are often too small and that do not allow a being to flourish quietly. There should be as many boxes as human beings on this planet, or even, to push the logic to the end, more boxes at all! Because to class is to delimit, to delimit is to enclose, to imprison, and therefore to restrict, diminish and impoverish. Certainly, classifying, naming, categorizing is of great help in organizing society and our vision of the world. But this way of doing nonetheless remains a rough approximation, capable moreover of leading to the worst amalgams and disrespectful prejudices of the singularity of each being.

And to go around the world, to free yourself from this shackle, it is in my opinion, me, the best way to achieve my happiness. Meet me, free my mind from all non-formal rules (so rules which are not the law but which we respect all the same) and in this way flourish.


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