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Tour Travel planning and formation

Tour planning and formation

The tour is the main result of the activities of travel agencies acting as tour operators or travel agencies on the market. Tour operators are involved in the development and formation of tours. The implementation of tours can be carried out by both tour operators and travel agencies.

Any tour, as a rule, includes a complex of various tourist services provided to tourists. These services include:

  • “Provision of transport services” – booking and purchase of air, railway, and other tickets, as well as the organization of a transfer that allows you to reach your destination or move along the travel route.
  • “Organization of tourist accommodation” – booking hotels (often with non-standard types of food like “All-inclusive”), hostels, guest houses, campsites, or providing rental housing, such as an apartment, villa, etc.
  • “Excursion service” – individual tours may include various excursions, guide services, entrance tickets to museums, theaters, shows, concerts, and other events.

Classification of tours

All tours are divided into two main types – package and individual :

Package tours are tours that include a pre-planned set of services with certain parameters: date of departure/arrival, hotel name, duration of the tour, the composition of tourists, etc. n. Package tours are created and oriented to mass consumer demand.

Individual tours are especially relevant for travelers who are looking for unique or less popular tourist destinations. Individual tours are divided into custom and independent :

  • “Custom-made individual tours” are intended for individual consumers and are formed by a travel company taking into account personal wishes. The program of such a tour may include the development of an unusual tourist route, the provision of a car with a personal driver, the organization of excursions with a personal guide, visits entertainment events, etc.
  • “Independent individual tours” imply complete freedom to create a travel route and competent distribution of costs at the discretion of the tourist. Independent booking of travel services for tours of especially non-mass destinations in most cases will help to save the budget. Modern online booking systems allow you to instantly search and compare prices among various tour service providers and choose the most suitable ticket, hotel, tour, etc.

Types of tours

There are many types of tours, each of which is based on one specific classification attribute (duration of the tour, type of transport, type of accommodation, etc.). Depending on the content of the program, tours are divided into the following types:

Sightseeing tour – one of the most popular types of tourism. Tourists travel to get acquainted with the history, culture, architecture, and art of other cities and countries. It can be a trip to one city, or, for example, a bus tour in Europe.

The last-minute tour is a special offer from tour operators who, a few days before departure, try to compensate for the costs of tours with pre-paid airline tickets and hotel accommodation. Such a tour can always be purchased at a discounted price with only one drawback – the departure date is usually set for the next 1-3 days.

A weekend tour is a great opportunity to organize an inexpensive weekend getaway. Such tours were originally invented for business people who do not have time for a full vacation. Now weekend tours are relevant, both for lovers of excursion and beach vacations, as well as for shopping lovers.

Multiway-tour is a novelty in the world of the tourist market. Multiway tours allow you to visit several countries within one trip due to long transit stops. Such a program is especially relevant for long-distance flights. Travelers pay a tour to one country, and stopping for several hours in other countries for transit , have the opportunity to visit another 1 or even 2 large cities for free in the direction of the main holiday destination and back.

A wedding tour involves organizing a vacation at sea, or a trip to one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Such a tour, as a rule, includes a flight, accommodation in a room for the newlyweds, or even in some castle, holding a symbolic marriage ceremony, the services of a photographer, a gala dinner, and other services depending on the budget.

A sports tour necessarily includes the presence of sporting events or active means of transportation ( bike tours, ski jogging, white-water rafting, adventure expeditions, etc.);

The spa and recreation tour involves relaxation related to the treatment and improvement of the general condition. In the sanatoriums, vacationers are provided with a number of recreational activities aimed at restoring the body (water treatment, taking mineral water, Phyto procedures, relaxing by the sea, etc.).

Event tour. A key component of this type of tour is an extraordinary event or event, such as the Brazil Carnival, Cannes Film Festival, Formula 1 cycling race, European Football Championship, Royal Ascot Royal Racing, and much more. In addition to booking the organization of flights, transfers, and accommodation, the tour company must also take care of purchasing tickets for these events.

The thematic tour involves the predominance of the excursion program and / or cognitive classes (visiting folklore holidays, museums, learning a foreign language, etc.).

A business tour is the organization of a business trip to another city or country. Often such trips are associated with attending various conferences, symposia, exhibitions, and business meetings. The travel company provides a full range of services for flight, transfer, hotel accommodation, as well as, if necessary, renting a conference room equipped with special equipment for meetings and other events.

A religious tour is a journey designed to carry out any sacred procedures, missions of vows. These types of tours include trips or pilgrimages to holy places.

The adventure tour is a special type of active tourism. Tourists are waiting for some unforgettable trip, for example, in the jungle or desert. For its part, the travel company must ensure the safety of the client.


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