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The best travel timetable for 12 countries around the world

1. Maldives

Every year from May to November, due to the heavy rain in the wet season, the weather changes greatly, and it is relatively the low season of Maldives tourism, especially for photographers.


  1. France

Best time to travel: Christmas in January, July, and December

Paris has a mild climate in spring and is suitable for going out. Due to the influence of geographical location in summer, Paris is still bright until 10 pm, and you can spend more time sightseeing. For shopaholics, January, July and Christmas are the discount seasons in Paris, and discounts are unimaginably low.

  1. United Kingdom

Best time to travel: June

Summer with plenty of sunshine (June-September) is the best time of year to travel. Various music festivals and art festivals follow one another, and they are also public holidays. In spring and autumn, the climate is more variable and humid, but there is less pedestrian flow, which is suitable for peak avoidance.

Winter (November-February) is cold and the sunshine time is short. It is the off-season of the year. Many attractions will close early or close. Before and after Christmas, the festival atmosphere in cities such as London and Edinburgh was strong. After the holiday, the biggest discounts in the year began, and the best shopping was the best.

  1. Germany

Best time to travel: April-October

Spring, summer and autumn are suitable seasons for travel in Germany. At this time, the weather in Germany was clear and mild, suitable for various outdoor activities.

  1. Italy

The climate is most pleasant from April to June. Due to its close proximity to the sea and the sea, Italy may be cloudy and changeable weather anytime, anywhere throughout the year, which may cause inconvenience to your travel.

  1. Finland

The summer climate is very pleasant, and it is the most beautiful season in Finland, and the snowfall period in Finland in winter. It is very suitable for experiencing the aurora starry sky and various magical charms in Finland.

  1. Greece

Best travel time: April-June, September-November

The climate is mild and suitable for tourism all year round. The climate is hot but not humid from June to August. Tourists can adapt, but everyone should still avoid going out within 2-3 hours with the strongest afternoon sunlight.

Better travel time is April-June and September-November, because August is a holiday, so most tourists.

  1. Iceland

Best time to travel: June-August

June-August is Iceland’s peak tourist season, and it has more advantages in terms of temperature and sunshine. At this time, it is the midsummer of Iceland. The temperature in most areas is above 10 , which is suitable for outdoor activities.

From January to March, although entering the long winter in Iceland, it is indeed the preferred season for exploring the aurora and ice caves. However, frequent precipitation adds a lot of difficulties to travel. Road conditions are poor, many scenic spots are difficult to reach, and the self-driving danger coefficient is high. It is best to decide according to your own situation, without having to make a trip.

  1. New Zealand Best time to travel: September and OctoberNew Zealand is located in the southern hemisphere, the season change is opposite to the northern hemisphere, spring and summer is from September to February, the autumn and winter is from March to August. There is no severe cold in winter in most parts of the whole region, and no extreme heat in summer. The best time to travel is in the cool and mild September and October.
  2. AustraliaBest time to travel: October-April

    Basically, the weather is sunny and sunny throughout the year. If you want to get a better view of the boundless seascape, it is recommended to come from October to April of the following year.

    1. Pala

    Best time to travel: November-April

    Palau has a tropical rainforest climate. The best time to travel is from November to April of each year. This period is their dry season and the climate is more pleasant.

  3. Africa


The most suitable season to travel to Morocco is the spring and autumn seasons. The weather is convenient and convenient.

To the north is the Mediterranean, with a typical Mediterranean climate and customs; to the west, along the Atlantic, there are charming beaches and magnificent waves …


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