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The best travel timetable for 10 countries around the world

Malaysians love to travel while taking advantage of discounted air tickets, but in addition to the money budget, the seasons of various countries must also be paid attention to. Otherwise, if you buy a cheap air ticket, but choose the wrong time, travel will be inadequate. It is said that Asian countries do not have four seasons, but different months will have different climates. If you choose to travel in the rainy season, you will be disappointed!

When is the best time to travel? Listed below are the popular 28 countries for reference!

  1. Thailand

Thailand’s peak tourist season, during this time the climate is cool, you can enjoy the tropical style of Thailand during the day, there will be no mosquitoes at night or troubled by the sultry sleep.

In addition, many islands in the south will also be open to tourists during this period to be able to experience the island’s style in an all-round way. The Ten Thousand Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai in the north will also be held during this time.

April-May is the hottest time of the year in Thailand, with temperatures as high as 40 °. But the most interesting Songgan Festival in Thailand is also in April (April 13-15), to experience the most authentic Thai New Year.

  1. Japan

Japan is a country worth visiting all year round. Because most of Japan has distinct seasons, each season has its own style. Among them, spring with cherry blossoms and autumn with red leaves are the most popular tourist season.

March-May: Cherry blossoms gradually bloom from south to north (Japanese call it cherry blossom front).

Japanese cherry blossom 2017 blooming schedule:

The prediction of the well-known Japanese “sakura blossom, full bloom date”, Tokyo cherry blossoms are expected to bloom on March 26, while Osaka is March 30.

June-August: Hokkaido watching the sea of ​​lavender flowers, or diving in Okinawa.

September-November: Maple leaves that gradually turn red from north to south become a scenic line (Japanese people call it Maple Front) that people are racing to chase.

December-February: Go to the skiing hot springs in Northland, or go whale watching in the cold in Okinawa, or spend the Christmas season in the big city for shopping during the sale season

  1. South Korea

This period is the best time of year to travel to Seoul. Of course, if it’s just for food and buys, buy, buy, no matter when you go!

The cherry blossom season in South Korea: March to May: At this time, South Korea has a warm climate, and flowers are everywhere. At the end of March, the cherry blossoms on Jeju Island first opened, and Seoul is already colorful in mid-April.

  1. Singapore

It is suitable to travel to Singapore throughout the year except for September.

In September, affected by the burning of straw throughout Indonesia, Singapore ’s air quality will deteriorate and visibility will below. Tourists who travel to the country need to be prepared for protection. But to be serious, it’s not as serious as our smog …

  1. Vietnam

In the cool season of Vietnam ’s dry season, the weather is relatively cool. At the same time, it is also a period of time when Vietnamese festivals are concentrated. The Dalat Flower Festival in January and the Spring Festival in February are easy for tourists to feel purer during the festival Vietnamese style.

  1. Bali (Indonesia)

Bali is located in the equator. It is a typical tropical rainforest climate. The temperature is high throughout the year. The maximum temperature is between 30-35 degrees Celsius. The temperature difference between morning and evening is small. It is divided into dry season and rainy season.

  1. Cambodia

This is the winter in Cambodia, blowing the relatively dry northeast monsoon, with an average temperature of 25 ~ 32 , is the best tourist season.

  1. Sri Lanka

In the southwestern part of the country where popular tourist destinations are concentrated, there is less rainfall and comfortable temperatures.

  1. Bhutan

It’s autumn, the daytime temperature is about 20 to 28 , the sky is clear and bright, you can overlook the snow peaks and the blue sky, the scenery is very magnificent. This time is the peak season for festivals in Bhutan and the best season for trekking, with the most tourists, so plan your trip early.

  1. Dubai

It is Dubai’s peak tourist season, with an average temperature of 7-20 ° C. In particular, Dubai has a pleasant climate, sunshine, and warmth at the beginning of the new year, which is the prime time for foreign tourists to fully appreciate the local style, and this is the period when the Dubai Shopping Festival is held. The ultra-low discounts in major shopping malls will definitely let you buy.


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