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The best travel in life
  1. The best travel in life is when you find a long-lost emotion in a strange place. Only real crying, despairing tiredness, heartache, painful regret, this life is complete. Everyone has youth, and every youth has a story. What I want when I was a child, I hope the world knows it, just as I have already got it; I want what I want now, I am afraid that others will know it, otherwise I will lose it.
  2. People with many hearts are destined to work hard because they are too easy to be influenced by other people’s emotions. People who are attentive are always thinking wildly, and the result is trapped in a mess of thoughts, unable to move. sometimes it is better to not overthink. There is only one heart, don’t pretend too much; people have only one life, don’t chase too tired. The joy of the soul comes from the wealth of the spirit; the simple happiness comes from the contentment of the state of mind.
  3. Sometimes it’s not that I don’t understand, I just don’t want to understand; sometimes it’s not that I don’t know, I just don’t want to speak out; Some words are suitable for hiding in your heart; some pains are for silently forgetting; some memories are only for occasional aftertaste. Many things, when experienced, you just know; many changes, do not need to say, just understand.
  4. There is always a way for someone to walk alone, then walk bravely and finish gorgeously. Every trauma in life is a maturity, and every loss is again.
  5. Life is always moving forward, no matter where you go, as long as you go forward with faith, a little more effort than others, you will get one more achievement; a little more ambition than others, you will get a more rewarding; Persevere a little bit more than others, you will win the victory; persevere a little more than others, you will create miracles.
  6. Some things can be nurtured and shortened by time. It is now found that time can bring people closer and push people farther. Don’t entangle too long on an awkward thing. If you entangle for a long time, you will be annoyed, painful, epiglottis, tired, heartbroken, and heartbreaking. In fact, in the end, you are not going to get along with things, but you can’t get along with yourself.
  7. What beats us is often not wind and rain, but: ordinary. In the wind and rain, we motivate ourselves, realize our potential, and overcome the difficulties again and again: in the ordinary, we indulge ourselves and let the shortcomings, complains, and falsehoods erode the remaining life step by step … in the end, we have all become The “ordinary” men defeated.
  8. The most painful thing in life is to insist on something that should not be persisted; the last regret in life is to easily give up what should not be given up; the most regrettable thing in life is to miss what should not be missed people. The most precious thing in life is not something that you can’t get, but what you have in front of you; the best thing in life is not something that has been lost, but something that is now grasped.
  9. Life, this long journey, is full of meeting and parting. We will always meet with different people, experience long or short fate, and then go to a ferry in a certain time because the fate is scattered and rushed to separate things. The rise and fall, the gathering, and the disengagement have never been within our grasp.
  10. You cannot change your past, but you can make your future better. Once the time is wasted, life is wasted.
  11. Life is too short, too long. Fate gives opportunity, time gives process, no matter what. We love by addition, resentment by subtraction, and thanksgiving by multiplication, do n’t hurt others, live a good life, and live kindly!
  12. No matter under any circumstances, don’t forget your original appearance, learn to be patient and learn to converge. Do n’t forget the consequences for the sake of success. It is gold that always shines, and yellow sand cannot hide the brilliance of pearls. Wait until one day, when you look back. Time is like running water. Wherever we walked, we have left a series of regretful footprints that are unchangeable and indelible.
  13. In the long journey of life, a life without taste will be bitter, a life without interest will be tired, and a life without aftertaste will be sad. Life is happy because of giving, and happiness increases by sharing. Happiness needs to be shared with others, otherwise, the heart will be like the Dead Sea, the water flow can only enter and exit, and eventually silence.
  14. The flower is light fragrance, the heart is light and true. The floral fragrance is too strong and easy to smoke, and the tasteless is easy to alienate. The light fragrance is the most popular. The most popular floral fragrance is the real fragrance. Fate gathers and flies together, just like clouds and smokes, parting from life to death, heaven is natural. Behind everyone’s favorite song, there is an untold story.
  15. There are always many things that can’t be kept, such as the time to go far away, such as withered emotions. You can’t regret it, but you can turn. If you find that you have gone wrong, you may see the warm sunshine waiting for a turn. Time is like a net, wherever you scatter it, you harvest it.
  16. People who seem to have no heart and no lungs are actually very sentimental. They are pressed in a very deep place, they encounter a little sunshine, a similar plot, a familiar back, or even a little eyebrow. Panicked and flee. Touched, happy, sad, painful, angry. We have to abandon all the way, otherwise, the road ahead is long, and we can’t afford this weight.
  17. A happy time is when you have never preset it, but it will come to mind from time to time. At that time, the environment and people showed a mottled and soft feeling, and those memories are really beautiful. There are not many such good things that people can encounter in this life, but it is enough to have a few moments. Do n’t anticipate in the future, try not to make assumptions, take possession as everything, and treat the present as forever.
  18. Life learns to be able to live freely. No matter how good others are, we should not envy. Just compare with your past, so that you will be happy every day, at the same time, you will also have a feeling of happiness, and you will get real peace in your heart.
  19. Some people say that if you really want something, just let it go. If it comes back to find you, then it will always be yours. If it doesn’t come back, then don’t wait any longer, because it is not yours at all! Unexpected warmth, unexpected touch, unexpected understanding, unexpected appreciation, unexpected cherished, unexpected beauty. Accidents can be temporary; accidents cannot be a lifetime.
  20. We learn to let go of people and things that hurt us in the past, and learn to look only forward. Because life is always going forward. The most difficult thing in life is not hard work or struggle, but making the right choice. Every day that never dances is a disappointment to live.


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